Through the viewfinder

I recently picked up an SLR after not having used one for some time. I’ve become very accustom to rangefinders and love the way you frame and take pictures with them. I also use a TLR medium format camera which offers a different way to frame pictures. In a way these cameras may be less “accurate” ways to frame, but I prefer these over an SLR recently.  I think you get to see more of the real world with both rangefinders and waist level viewfinders. SLRs are starting to feel like periscope vision. That being said I think a lot of people get their start with SLRs, I did. There is something great about looking through a standard lens on a SLR that is really nice and clear. Telephoto lenses are also easier with SLRs. After picking up an SLR again I really started to appreciate my rangefinder cameras. I won’t be switching back to SLRs any time soon but sometimes I might pick them up for a shoot.