Gallery at Leica Store Miami・平穏無事

Leica Store Miami →


372 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134

11 of my prints will be shown in the customer gallery from November~December 2015.  All photos are black and white and were taken in Japan.

On Saturday, December 12th 2015 from 6-8pm there will be a gallery opening and reception.

Thank you!


Camera gear I took to Kyoto

This weekend I went to Kyoto with no real plans and took lots of pictures. I wanted to keep my bag somewhat light so what I took was my m3 with 90mm asph apo, m9 with 35mm summicron asph, go pro hero 4 black and my ipad(took a time-lapse). I think the 35mm and 90mm summicrons really complement each other. I didn’t really find a time where I thought I needed more reach/more wide. I wrote about the m3 and the 90mm before, but it is really a stealthy setup. The only downside is its on the heavy side compared to the 35mm summicron and m9. It was a nice overcast weekend and never rained so I could shoot 400 tri-x all day and some at night no problem. If I could only have one camera and one lens for a trip like this I’d have to go with the m3 and ms-optical 50mm f1.1 though. I didn’t bring it and sort of regret it, especially for night shots, but I think the 35/90 setup is really good. 

I’ll try to post some black and white stuff once it’s developed but all I have now is color. 


leica m3 with 90 apo asph

When i bought my m3 this year i decided i should round out my camera bag with a 90mm lens. The thing about 90mm leica lenses is they feel more oriented for portraits than street photography, being heavy with long focus throws etc. That being said i had a chance to get the very special 90mm apo asph and went for it!
I went and took some pictures with it just yesterday. It feels very different from my usual 35mm setup. At first it felt like a cropped 50mm but as i got used to it i could see where it would be useful on the streets as well. Pared with the m3 you have a very stealthy setup. F/2 is also really nice and can be shot all day and night!
I probably wouldn’t have this as the only lens in my bag but pair it with a 35mm or 28mm and you have a great kit for whatever you want to shoot.
I won’t be able to scan my photos for a while but when I do I’ll post them!