My Grandfather


For the past 6 months or so I have been photographing my grandfather as a project for school. This project has evolved over time and I look forward to seeing how it changes over time. Through the coarse of the last 6 months I think I have learned a lot about photography and life through photographing my grandfather.


I think he has a lot of character and really photographs well. Here I have him wearing something I would typically wear.

IMG_20150227_0006 IMG_20150227_0022

He almost exclusively wears pollo shirts, classic glasses, dress shoes and pants. The same attire he wore while running his own business. Sometimes he wears a Marlins baseball cap.

IMG_20150227_0027 IMG_20150325_0015

The first shot was on the lovely Ms-Optical sonnetar 50mm f/1.1. Very dreamy and interesting lens, I’m trying to write a review for it. Reflections are another thing I really like to take.

IMG_20150416_0004     IMG_20150330_0016

He has taught me a lot about business and life. I always enjoy going to eat lunch with him and hearing his stories. I tried to take some pictures of places that are significant to him. I haven’t made it to many places with him but the picture above of a playground is where he took me when I was a kid. I tried to match his outfit with a modern touch.


With these I tried to portray my grandfather without necessarily having him at the center of the picture.



My grandfather is truly a great man who has my respect. I hope to take many more pictures of him. It is truly a team effort. He makes the project go forward as much as I do. We are business partners, buddies and family.

Mostly tri-x shot at 400(some at 200). Using Summicron 35mm asph. and Ms-optical 50mm f/1.1. As well as Rolleiflex 75mm f/3.5 tessar.

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