costs associated with photography

In preparation for a trip i have been buying/preping a lot of gear. This has made me think about the costs associated with taking pictures. Sure you could go out with just a one camera one lens set up and there aren’t too many extra things to invest in. That doesn’t always work though, especially when you are traveling. For a trip I want to take a tripod, extra lenses, film (or SD cards), batteries if necessary, cable release, etc etc. I might have all those things already, but when you invest in a new system or for someone just starting the price of the camera is just the begining.
Whether its film, digital or video there are so many more costs associated with taking pictures and video. Not to mention post processing and those costs.
It makes me miss the times when I would just go out with a one camera and standard lens setup.
I think I will elaborate on thus topic later when I have more time to think and write about it.

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